Premium Vertical decorative wall profiles

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Product Description

Premium Vertical decorative wall profiles

Looking for ways to add character to your interior? Then wall panels, or decorative panels, are a great choice. Their vertical shape visually enhances the space while providing sound insulation and damping benefits. The lamella wall finish adds warmth to the interior, creating a striking contrast with the other finishes used. Installing the trims is easy, but the result is impressive!

Why choose skirting? Premium mouldings are perfect for all types of spaces, adding unique character to a contemporary layout or classic interior design. They are ideal for the living room or bedroom, where their aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand to emphasise the distinctive design of the room.

Premium Vertical Decorative Wall Profiles Specification:


  • Made of high quality MDF Plus board, the product ensures long-lasting use.
  • Slat dimensions: length 275 cm + 5 cm free*, width 2,9 cm, depth 4 cm(the edges of the slats are left trimmed).
  • Installation dimensions: length 240 cm, width 1,4 cm, depth 1 cm.

Additional information:

  • Available in 14 decorative veneers, to match different interiors.
  • Spacing: Suitable for any spacing (30mm pitch is best).
  • Free divider strip: every order comes with a 4.5 cm wide and 30 cm long divider strip (please exchange for a wider one in the comments).
  • Number of strips: about 16-17 strips per metre of wall.
  • Installation: easy and durable thanks to the fixing strips.

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The price is per 1 profile.

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