MDF skirting board – height 6 cm, thickness 1.2 cm – 2 colours

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MDF skirting board – height 6 cm, thickness 1.2 cm – 2 colours

A skirting board is a decorative element installed between the wall and the floor. Floor trunking lengths of up to 207 cm allow fast and efficient installation with a minimum number of connections. MDF skirting boards are popular in the finishing materials market due to their affordable price and good quality. The skirting board is ideal for installation in an apartment or office space. White skirting boards are the most popular.

Strips in different colours

Coloured skirting boards such as black, grey or anthracite add elegance and character to the interior. And flooring in colours that mimic natural wood adds warmth and a distinctive tone to the interior. Oak-coloured skirting boards often create a harmonious whole with furniture and doors. Flooring skirting ensures the integrity of the interior, so its selection is of great importance.

Easy installation

The MDF sock has an easy-to-install structure, so anyone can mount it on the wall.
The aesthetic appearance of the trims brings order but also exclusivity to the interior design. The MDF skirting board can be mounted on any wall. The most important thing is to keep it simple.

Not recommended for installation in damp locations

The relatively high moisture resistance of MDF allows the material to be used in rooms with slightly higher humidity levels. However, direct water ingress should be excluded. MDF skirting should not be installed in rooms with high humidity. It is not recommended to install MDF skirting in bathrooms or washrooms.

MDF skirting board – Height 6 cm, Thickness 1.2 cm – 2 colour options more info

  • The strips are waterproof and washable. Thanks to this, there is no fear of damage to the strips during cleaning,
  • The plywood is highly resistant to dirt, damage and the effects of humidity and UV radiation, which cause the plywood to turn yellow.
  • Trims can aesthetically hide cables,
  • The high quality MDF material ensures long-lasting use.
  • Due to the possibility of damage to the edges of the strips during transport, the strips are not moulded.
  • We therefore add 7 cm free of charge to each band. The edges of the strips have to be cut themselves.
  • The strips are supplied in 207 cm lengths.
  • To check the colour of the strips, we recommend buying 1 running metre as a sample.
  • LED strip cutter width of 1 cm

If you would like more information or advice, please contact us and we will help you find the right solution.

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Height of moulding Coaming thickness Assembly method Smooth finish – available colours Milled finish – available colours
6 cm 1,2 cm glue Semi-matte white, Semi-matte black White semi-matt
7 cm 1,2 cm glue White semi-matt
8 cm 1,6 cm glue and/or staples
(LED strips use only glue)
Semi-gloss white, High gloss white, Smooth white LED, Smooth black LED, Semi-gloss black, High gloss black, Anthracite, Grey, Lancelot oak, Island oak, Spalted oak White semi-matt
10 cm 1,6 cm glue and/or staples White semi-matt, black semi-matt, White semi-matt
12 cm 1,6 cm glue and/or staples White semi-matt

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