Free standing lamella strip – 3×7 cm

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Product Description

Free standing lamella strip – 3×7 cm

Are you looking for a modern and lightweight solution to partition your space? Check out our laminate walls that bring natural warmth and elegance to your interior. Our range of laminated partitioning includes keywords such as wall panel, laminate, strip and MDF, ensuring versatility and quality to partition your spaces.

Freestanding lamella strip – 3×7 cm Product features:

  • Material and Finishing: Our laminated partition walls are made of strong MDF, ensuring durability and stability. The natural oak colour creates a classic and warm atmosphere. The matt finish and striking wood pattern accentuate the exclusive style of our laminate partitions.
  • Ease of installation: we offer lamella partition walls as individual pedestrian panels and in sets, with widths from 51 to 251 cm. These kits are prepared to make installation quick and easy – no drilling or machining required, just screw together.

Freestanding slats – 3×7 cm Specifications:

  • Dimensions of one trunking: 30x70x2750mm (L x W x H)
  • Profiles made of sturdy MDF
  • Wood pattern with square, seamless spoon
  • Maximum wall height: 275 cm

Installation instructions:

  1. Measure the height from ceiling to floor.
  2. Separate the slats into installation slats according to the width of the wall.
  3. Trim the mounting plates according to the formula.
  4. Drill holes in the floor and ceiling slats.
  5. Screw the vertical slats to the horizontal slats.
  6. Apply the installation adhesive to the floor in the position provided.
  7. Place the wall in the position provided and secure.

Why choose our laminated partition walls?

  • Easy assembly – watch our how-to video “How to assemble?”.
  • The wood pattern continues on both sides.
  • Modern design.

If you want to keep things even simpler, we also offer ready-made kits with everything already prepared. You can enjoy modern design without complicated installation.

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