Premium 3D Slim XS slats – 16×16 mm – Three-dimensional wall panels

Manufacturer: B


Product Description

Made of high quality MDF Plus material, ensuring long-lasting use of the product.

Dimensions of the slats:
Length: 275 cm + 5 cm free*
Width: 1.6 cm
Depth: 1.6 cm

Damage to the edges of the slats may occur during transport, therefore the slats are not preformed. That’s why we add 5 cm to each slat for free. The edges of the slats will remain self-tapping.
More information:
Available in 8 different colours (with decorative veneers), perfect for interiors and furniture finishes designed for different purposes and in different styles.
Free clearance between slats (optimum clearance is 1.6 cm).
There are about 32 lamellae per 1 metre of wall surface.
Improves interior acoustics.

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