Lamell ribbed black felt panel 275cm

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Acoustic Panels: Oak Natura and Oak Natura – Symbiosis of natural beauty and sound insulation

If you’re looking for a way to combine natural beauty and better sound insulation in your space, our Oak Natura and Tamme Natura acoustic panels are the perfect choice. These panels have thin slats mounted on 8 mm thick black felt, which add not only acoustic properties but also a pleasant touch and a stylish look.

Oak Natura – Classic Elegance

Oak Natura is a new addition to our range and brings a classic elegance. This panel is available in a classic shade with a matt finish and striking wood grain pattern. Oak Natura panels offer the perfect balance between price and natural effect. They will make your spaces more cosy and visually interesting without compromising on quality.

Oak Natura – Thought Design

Tamme Natura is also a novelty in our range and brings timeless design. Like Oak Natura, Tamme Natura panels have a classic tone, matt finish and eye-catching wood pattern. These panels offer the same uncompromising style and functionality, making the interior design of rooms better and more contemporary.

Lamell lathing on black felt panel 275cm technical specifications

The technical characteristics of our acoustic panels guarantee their quality and efficiency:

  • Total panel dimensions: 300x26x2750 mm (width x depth x length).
  • Thin profiles made of durable MDF with dimensions 30x18x2750 mm (width x depth x length).
  • The 8 mm thick black felt provides both a pleasant touch and sound insulation properties.
  • The spacing between the slats is 20 mm, which ensures an aesthetic appearance and effective sound insulation.
  • The wood construction ensures the durability and long life of the panels.
  • The non-moving spoon accentuates the wood grain, creating a beautiful visual effect.
  • Each panel weighs 8.2 kg, ensuring easy installation and stability.
  • The felt weighs 1500 g/m2 and has acoustic properties, improving internal acoustics.
  • The felt used complies with GRS and OEKOTEX standards, containing 60-80% recycled materials, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Lamell lathing on black felt panel 275cm advantages and applications

Our acoustic panels offer a range of benefits and are suitable for a variety of environments:

  • Easy installation: the panels do not require drilling or complex installation procedures, making them quick and convenient to use.
  • Versatility: these panels are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, hotel interiors, conference rooms and elegant offices, giving them a cosy and contemporary look.
  • Finished product: the panels are ready for use and do not require any machining. This saves time and effort.
  • Modern design: The panels have a contemporary look that emphasises their aesthetic value and allows them to match different interior design styles.
  • Better indoor acoustics: acoustic properties help reduce noise and create a quieter and more comfortable environment.
  • Easy to cut to size: it’s easy to customise the panels, allowing you to achieve precise results to suit your needs.
  • Wood pattern on the sides: the wood pattern of the panels is continued on the sides for a uniform and stylish look.
  • A nice touch to the felt: The panels feature a pleasant, high-quality felt that adds textural interest and style.

Acoustic panels are a great way to improve interior design, create a modern atmosphere and provide better sound insulation. Choose from our Oak Natura or Oak Natura panels to make your space better and more visually appealing. These panels are high quality, environmentally friendly and easy to install, making them an ideal choice for all kinds of projects. Whether you’re looking to add cosiness to your home or enhance your commercial space, our acoustic panels have a solution for you.

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