Lamell Rib with LEDs – 100,4 cm

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Lamell Rib with LEDs – 100,4 cm

Introducing our new product – slats with LED headboard, an improved version of the standard slats, offering a versatile solution to decorate your interior. Our slats not only complement your interior design, but also provide practical lighting, making your room cosy and stylish.

Why choose our Slats with LEDs?

Slats are high quality interior decoration finishing materials that fit perfectly into any composition. These are ready-made products that are easy to install and guarantee a top-quality finish. Combined with an LED strip, the slats become not only a decorative element but also a practical light source.

Advantages of buying our Lamell Rib with LEDs – 100,4 cm table:

Versatile Decors: the base plate is available in 5 different decors, while 16 trims are available in 13 different colours, allowing you to customise your interior to your taste.
Easy Installation:Ready-made mounting brackets screwed to the panel make installation quick and easy. All the customer has to do is attach the strips.
LED strip included: We offer a 16W powered LED strip light specifically designed for lamellae. The Bicolor Multi White 4-zone LED controller with remote control provides convenient lighting control.

Lamell trellis with LEDs – 100,4 cm product specifications

Plate Dimensions:

Width: 100,4 cm
Height: 275 cm
Thickness: 1,8 cm

Lighting Specifications:

Type of lighting: 1m LED strip light
Voltage: 12V DC
Degree of protection: IP20 (used indoors)
LED light colour: Neutral (4000-4500K)
Service life: 30 000 hours
Power Supply Specifications:

Colour: White
Voltage: 12V DC
Power: 16W
Dimensions: 106 mm x 43 mm x 23 mm

Slat Dimensions:

Length: 267 cm
Width: 2,9 cm
Depth: 4 cm

LED Striped Socket Dimensions:

Length: 100,4 cm
Width: 8 cm
Depth: 3,8 cm

LED Bar Height 8 cm:

Highlights and accentuates the overall composition, providing warm lighting.
Power Supply and Controller Concealment:

The use of a slat allows power supplies and controllers to be conveniently hidden on the back of the board, greatly simplifying the logistics of assembly. This gives customers the possibility to integrate lighting profiles and controls without the need for a separate room, for example in the case of suspended ceilings.

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