Curtain tree with LED lighting – 50 cm

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Curtain tree with LED lighting – 50 cm

If you’re looking for a way to add elegance and functionality to your home interior or commercial space, the LED strip curtain is the perfect choice. This decorative element is the perfect way to add illumination and at the same time highlight the unique character of curtain panels. In this article, we take a closer look at the features and benefits of LED strip lighting and how it can make a difference to your interior design.

LED Strip Curtain Rod – Symphony of Lighting and Decorative Design

The LED strip curtain rod has become one of our best-selling decorative elements, and this is due to its versatility and practicality. This pole not only supports your curtains, but also allows you to use lighting to accentuate the beauty and character of the panels.

Buying an LED strip light with strips gives you several advantages:

  • Special Frees with Curtain Rod for LED Strip: The curtain rod is designed with a special milling that allows you to integrate the LED strip for an elegant and practical result.
  • 0.5 m LED Strip: Each LED strip curtain pole kit contains a 0.5 m LED strip that is simply inserted into a hole made in the curtain pole. This ensures that the lighting is a stylish and integrated part of the curtain rod.
  • Elegant Black Colour: The colour of the curtain tie is elegant black, which blends in with different interior design styles and adds a contemporary look to the room.

Curtain tree 50 cm LED-lighting technical characteristics

Curtain rails are designed to meet high standards of quality and functionality:

  • External curtain rod Length: 51,9 cm.
  • Inner curtain rod Length: 48,7 cm.
  • Height: 6 cm.
  • Depth: 7,3 cm.

*Note: A single curtain rod can be a maximum of 210 cm long. If you want a longer curtain rod, they are made of two elements.

Technical characteristics of lighting:

The LED strip curtain bar offers several lighting features:

  • Type of lighting: 0.5 m LED strip.
  • Power: 5.5 W per 0.5 m, providing sufficient illumination over the entire curtain pole.
  • Voltage: 12V DC, which is safe and suitable for indoor use.
  • Protection class: IP20, which means it can be used indoors where direct contact with liquids is not a problem.
  • LED Light Colour: Neutral light (4000-4500K), suitable for most interiors and providing clear illumination.
  • Colour rendering index: CRI: ≥80, ensuring true colour rendition and high quality lighting.
  • Lifetime: the LED strip has a long lifetime of up to 30,000 hours, saving you frequent lamp replacement.

50 cm curtain rod with LED lighting, Combining Functionality and Style

The LED strip curtain rod is the perfect choice for those looking to add both functionality and style to their rooms. It combines curtain support and lighting in an elegant and effective way. The curtain pole’s elegant black colour is suitable for a variety of interiors, and its design allows the integration of lighting without visible wires.

If you want to add high quality curtain support to your home, office or business space and at the same time enjoy gently diffused lighting, then the LED strip curtain rod is the perfect choice. It’s a practical and modern way to make your premises better and more attractive. Choose a stylish lighting element that combines functionality and elegance to create a cosy ambience. The LED strip curtain rod is a design element that accentuates your curtains and adds a special touch to your interior design.


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