Premium 3D Slim S slats – 20×20 mm – Three dimensional furniture panels

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Product Description


Made of high quality MDF Plus material, which ensures long-lasting use of the product.

Dimensions of the slats:

Length: 275 cm + 5 cm free*
Width: 2 cm
Depth: 2 cm

The edges of the slats may be damaged during transport, which is why the slats are not preformed. Therefore, we add 5 cm to each slat free of charge. The edges of the slats are left to cut themselves.
More information:
Available in 5 different colours (decorative veneers), they are perfect for interiors with different purposes and styles, as well as furniture finishes.
Clearance between slats (optimum 2 cm).
There are about 25 slats per 1 metre of wall surface.
Improves interior acoustics.

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