Modern stylized brick tiles on the wall Tuscany

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Modern stylized brick tiles on the wall Tuscany

The perfect combination of historic design and modern technology. Thanks to several months of work, regardless of production economics and common sense, guided by the heart and the desire to create an original object, we have succeeded in perfectly reproducing the undisputed king among brick slabs – the 19th century. century plate from. Historic Line sari – Classic Lico.

A stylised tile based on carefully selected tiles made from demolition bricks from historic buildings in Pomerania and Kujawy. Thanks to this explosive mixture, we have achieved an unprecedented effect in the brick tile market.
Our tiles are characterised by the special details that make them so appreciated by our customers. Cracks, burns, heterogeneous textures, hundreds of unique patterns, together with all kinds of historical traces, create a product that is ideal for any application. Any customer, whether private or developer, architect, designer, can use these tiles as a façade, both indoors and outdoors.


Modern stylized brick tiles wall Tuscany technical details

Dimensions: ca 24-25,5cm x 6,4-7,0cm Dimensions: ca 24-25,5cm x 6,4-7,0cm

Thickness: 1,8 – 2cm

Weight: approx. 13 kg/pack

Material: concrete

Packing: 0,48 m² in boxes

Supplied in bases up to 36 m²

This price is for the purchase of a 0,48 m² package (1 piece = 0,48 m² with 1,2 cm joint).


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