Wall panel slats MDF Quality in different colors

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Modern Wall Panel Slats MDF Quality

Looking for an elegant and functional solution to decorate your walls and ceilings? Introducing our wall panel, designed to make your space visually more beautiful and ensure practical ease of use.

Our wall panels have an optimal 3 cm lamella spacing, which also gives the room a more spacious appearance. The high quality base board, made of durable MDF material, 6 mm thick, ensures the durability and stability of the panel. Its matte black finish with slats adds an aesthetic sparkle to the room.

Modern Wall Panel Slat MDF Quality Specifications

  • Panel dimensions: 300 x 46 x 2750 mm (width x depth x length).
  • Durable MDF slat, dimensions 30x40x2750 mm (width x depth x length).
  • Number of strips per panel: 5 pcs.
  • MDF substrate, thickness 6 mm
  • Distance between strips: 30 mm
  • Spoon without seams on the edges
  • Panel weight: 15.4 kg

Modern Wall Panel With Slats MDF Quality Advantages:

  • Quick and easy assembly, no drilling required
  • Wall and ceiling decoration
  • No processing required, ready for use
  • Modern design
  • Improving internal acoustics
  • Ideal for bedroom, living room, hotel interior, conference room or office.


  • Fixing to the wall or ceiling with special fixing adhesive or screws
  • The product is not suitable for humid rooms.

Our wall panels are designed to offer a versatile and aesthetic solution for your interior. In addition to their visual beauty, they also ensure practical ease of use and durability. Whether your goal is to visually enhance a space or create a more functional environment, our wall panels offer a versatile and high-quality solution.


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