Modern stylised brick tiles on the wall

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Modern stylised brick tiles on the wall

Brick tiles 02 – this is a series of tiles that are stylized like the old 19th century. century brick. They are available in a wide range of unique colours, giving a very wide range of layout options. Thanks to their unique properties, brick tiles can be used for interior decoration as well as exterior cladding. They have the undeniable advantage of being easy and quick to install and, thanks to the use of special impregnations, do not absorb dirt and moisture.

Modern Stylized Brick Tiles Wall Technical Data

Dimensions: approx 26 / 6,5 / 1,5 cm

Weight: approx. 24 kg/m²

Material: concrete

Packing: in half m² boxes
Shipping on bases up to 30 m²

This price is valid for a purchase of 0.5 m² (1 piece = 0.5 m² with 1 cm joint).


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