Flurry Crema gloss or matt ceramic tile

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Flurry Crema gloss or matt ceramic tile

The world of Flurry Crema, where elegance and diversity meet to create the perfect ceramic tile for your bathroom. We are proud to present you our exclusive Flurry Crema collection, designed for discerning customers who want to achieve balance and style in their bathrooms with black, white and grey furnishings.

Flurry Crema tile is more than just a bathroom tile – it’s a creative statement that brings out the design and personality of your bathroom. The elegant look of the tile is perfect for bathrooms with black, white and grey furnishings, bringing out contrast and balance. Black, white and grey are timeless colours that add a luxurious and timeless atmosphere to the bathroom.

Your bathroom is where you start and end the day and should reflect your personal style and taste. The Flurry Crema collection allows you to choose between different sizes and designs to tailor your bathroom to your dreams and needs.

Our aim is to offer you not only high quality tiles, but also an experience that meets high standards and requirements. The Flurry Crema collection gives you the opportunity to create a unique environment that enhances the beauty and functionality of your bathroom on a daily basis.

Flurry Crema gloss or matt ceramic tile

  • It is also possible to get 600×600 bathroom tiles with 8.5mm thickness.
  • It is also possible to get 600×1200 bathroom tiles with 9mm thickness.

Submit an enquiry for more information on quantities and prices. Prices start from 19.90€ per m2

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