Marble Carara gloss or matt ceramic tile

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Marble Carara gloss or matt ceramic tile

Carrara marble and white in light grey colour. We are proud to introduce you to our exclusive Carrara Premium design, created to take bathroom beauty to a whole new level.

Carrara marble is known for its unique and elegant appearance. Every detail of each tile is perfectly honed and polished to bring out its unique natural pattern and shine. The light grey tone of the white complements the natural beauty of Carrara marble, creating a harmonious combination that evokes peace and balance.

Carrara Premium design is not just a bathroom tile, it’s a work of art that will transform your bathroom into a true spa. Each tile is carefully selected and hand installed to ensure perfection in every detail. Our aim is to provide you not only with a functional solution, but also with visual pleasure at every step.

Every morning and evening becomes a special moment for you when you step into your bathroom with Carrara Premium design. It’s the perfect way to bring a sense of natural elegance and luxury to every corner of your home.

Join us in the exclusive community of Carrara Premium design and experience true luxury and style in your bathroom. Let your bathroom speak for your love of taste and quality. Choose unique, choose Carrara Premium

Marble Carara gloss or matt ceramic tile

  • It is also possible to get 600×600 bathroom tiles with 8.5mm thickness.
  • It is also possible to get 600×1200 bathroom tiles with 9mm thickness.

Submit an enquiry for more information on quantities and prices. Prices start from 24.90€ per m2

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