ZPD-05 glossy or matt ceramic tile

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ZPD-05 glossy or matt ceramic tile

The ZPD-05 is a world where the beauty of nature and the interpretation of art come together in a ceramic tile that will add a special charm to your home. We are proud to present you our exclusive ZPD-05 ceramic tile collection, designed to enhance the design of your home.

The ZPD-05 ceramic tile is not just a floor covering, it’s a story of the interplay of beautiful Bali sandy beaches and mountainous colour combinations. The album’s design was inspired by the beauty of the nature and culture found in Bali. The combination of white and grey conveys a sense of calm and clarity, while the mountainous colours add depth and warmth. The result is a tile that brings natural elegance and exotic charm to your home.

Your home is your canvas, where you can express your unique style and creativity. The ZPD-05 collection gives you the choice of sizes and finishes to customise your space just the way you’ve always dreamed. It’s your chance to bring a unique work of art to the walls and floors of your home.

Our aim is to provide you not only with high quality tiles, but also with an unforgettable experience that makes your home special and memorable. With the ZPD-05 collection, you can create an environment that tells your story and reflects your personality every step of the way.

ZPD-05 glossy or matt ceramic tile

  • It is also possible to get 600×600 bathroom tiles with 8.5mm thickness.
  • It is also possible to get 600×1200 bathroom tiles with 9mm thickness.

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