Lamellar Strips – 29×40 mm – 3 Slats – Normal Module – 13.5 cm

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Product Description

Discover a New Dimension in Design – Slats Interior

Dreaming of a modern and elegant way to make your interior brighter and more interesting? The good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money or do complicated repairs. Our slats are proof of this and offer an innovative way to make your living space more stylish and cosy.

Wall listings – Feature Highlighting

Wall sconces are a great way to accentuate the character of any interior. Their vertical design helps to visually enlarge the space, making it more spacious and elegant. As well as adding a new visual dimension to a room, louvres also have sound insulation and soundproofing properties that help to create a favourable acoustic environment. The use of slats on the wall also helps to visually warm up the interior, creating an interesting contrast with other finishes.

Product benefits

  • Easy and durable installation
  • Wall or ceiling installation possible
  • No visible fastening elements

Lamellar Strips – 29×40 mm – 3 Slats – Normal Module – 13.5 cm specification

Plate dimensions:

  • Length
    : 275 cm

  • Width
    : 13,5 cm

  • Depth
    : 0,3 cm

The dimensions of the trunking:

  • Length
    : 275 cm +
    5 cm FREE*

  • Width
    : 2,9 cm

  • Depth
    : 4 cm

  • Distance between strips
    : 2,6 cm

* Due to the possibility of damaging the edges of the strips during transport, the strips are not preformed. We therefore add 5 cm free of charge to each strip.

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