Facade cladding – 28 mm x 80 mm

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Facade cladding – 28 mm x 80 mm

Decorative Façade Sills: the ultimate finishing element for your interior and façade.

Façade mouldings, also known as decorative mouldings, are a finishing detail that can make the exterior of your room or building look completely unique. These flexible trim strips are suitable for both interior and exterior decoration, be it home, apartment, office or commercial premises. Façade trims offer versatility, giving you the opportunity to create different designs.

Possible uses of decorative fascia boards

Façade mouldings are the perfect way to add elegance and sophistication to any room. They are the choice recommended by designers and architects as they allow the design of surfaces in both indoor and outdoor environments. Use them on walls, ceilings or even as a transparent partition to visually and stylishly separate spaces.

Façade trims offer a number of functional and aesthetic advantages

Transomilamell with Spoon

These strips are designed so that the spoon is visible on all four sides. This allows them to be used to divide a space, separate parts or create an open interior finish. Their versatility makes them ideal for all kinds of spaces.

Free Distance

Facade strips offer the possibility to choose the distance between the slats (optional distance of 3 cm). This gives you the option to customise the appearance of the trim to suit your design preferences. Around 16-17 lamellas per metre will ensure that your design remains outstanding.

Improved Internal Acoustics

Façade trims are not only visually attractive, but also have the practical advantage of improving internal acoustics. Their structure absorbs sound and creates a comfortable and quiet environment.

Combined List Dimensions

Each trim is 275 cm long, plus a 5 cm free edge, which allows you to easily cut and adapt the trims to your specific needs. The strips have a width of 2.8 cm and a depth of 8 cm, giving you the flexibility to create different design elements.

Façade mouldings add personality and style to your premises or building, emphasising their originality. They are easy to install and customise, making them the ideal choice for both home and business users. Create a unique and attractive interior or façade that is memorable and eye-catching!

When looking for decorative cladding mouldings for your project, don’t forget to check out our wide range of high quality finishing materials. Our façade trims offer both aesthetic and practical benefits, making your interior or façade unique and eye-catching.

Facade cladding – 28 mm x 80 mm dimensions:

  • Length: 275 cm + 5 cm free of charge (the edges of the mouldings remain to be finished independently).
  • Width: 2,8 cm
  • Depth: 8 cm


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