Lamell trellis – Linear with lamps – 48.4 cm

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Product Description

Lamell Ribistik – Curtain tree with LED Lighting – 100,4 cm

Contemporary Interior Design: slats With LED Lighting as Wall Panel Wall Panel

Looking for ways to improve your interior? Introducing an innovative solution – slats combined with special LED lighting to bring variety and functionality to your space.

Lamellas: Elegant Finish with LED Lighting.

Slats have a new level – now not just a decorative element, but also a light source. Our product offers a practical and aesthetic solution to lighting problems by integrating LED strips into the lamella plate by special milling.

The Complete Set: Easy Installation, Ultimate Convenience

Our slat kit includes everything you need for a smooth installation and functionality:

  • Base plate in 5 different decors
  • 8 slats in your choice of colour, available in 13 decor options
  • Ready-made mounting strips, you only need screws to fix them in place
  • Curtain wood milling specially adapted for LED strips
  • 36 mm thick plinth to hide power supplies and controllers
  • 16W power supply for LED lighting (12V DC)
  • 3 4-zone LED BICOLOR MULTI WHITE controllers with remote control.
  • Remote control holder – FREE of charge
  • 2 m two-core cable with EURO plug – FREE OF CHARGE

Lamell Stripe – Curtain Tree with LED Lighting – 100,4 cm technical specifications

Plate dimensions:

  • Width: 48,4 cm
  • Height: 275 cm
  • Thickness: 1,8 cm

Lighting specifications:

  • LED light type: 0.5 m LED strip
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Protection class: IP20 (for indoor use)
  • LED light colour: Bicolor (4000-4500K)
  • Colour rendering index CRI: ≥80
  • Service life: 30 000 hours

Discover a New Level of Interior Design: slats with LED lighting

Add elegance, functionality and unique lighting to your space with our louvres designed to suit your needs and the aesthetics of your room.

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Choice of different colours for stripes

Choice of different panel colours

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