Cladding lamellas – 28 mm x 120 mm

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Cladding lamellas – 28 mm x 120 mm

Modern Slats: Create Open Walls and Unique Interior Design

Modern interior design is in a constant state of flux, and modern louvres are an important element of this. These versatile finishes are ideal if you want to make your interior design unique and distinctive. Installing slats allows you to create open walls that add openness and visual interest to rooms. In this article, we will explore the different uses and benefits of modern slats.

Slats – Versatile Finishing Details

Modern slats are finishing details that are exceptionally well suited to different aspects of interior design. They can be installed on walls, ceilings or even as a transparent partition to visually separate rooms. The use of slats gives your interior an overall finish that is both practical and stylish.

Interior designers and architects often recommend the use of slats because of their versatility. They allow you to create a unique interior that emphasises the originality of your space. Whether you want openness and spaciousness or a more intimate atmosphere, you can achieve it with slats.

What do you get when you buy from us?

Buying our slats is an investment in the quality of your interior and decoration. If you buy lamellas from us, we will add a 30 cm long auxiliary strip FREE OF CHARGE to every order. This allows you to easily install and adapt the slats to your needs. Our slats are made from high quality MDF Plus board, which ensures their long-lasting durability and use.

The slats are available in a range of colours and decoration options, so you can choose the one that best suits your interior style. Whether it’s Capri White or any other colour solution, our range allows you to create the visual effect you want.

An important feature of the slats is their free spacing, which allows you to adjust their placement to the desired result. The recommended spacing is 3 cm, and one metre of wall will fit about 16-17 flats. It gives you the flexibility and creativity to create exactly the look you want to achieve.

Improved Internal Acoustics

In addition to their decorative advantage, lamellas also have practical benefits. They help to improve indoor acoustics by absorbing sound and creating a more comfortable and quieter environment. This is particularly important in public places, offices or large living spaces where sound attenuation is necessary for comfort and productivity.

Cladding lamellas – 28 mm x 120 mm specifications and sizes

  • Our slats are made of high quality MDF Plus material and are available in the following sizes:
  • Length: 275 cm + 5 cm free of charge (the edges of the mouldings remain to be finished independently).
  • Width: 2,8 cm
  • Depth: 12 cm

As the edges of the slats can be damaged during transport, they are not pre-cut, but the 5 cm free edge allows you to cut them yourself and adapt them to the needs of your project.

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