Art ceiling tile cement board – 9 different patterns

Product Description

Art ceiling tile cement board – 9 different patterns

Composite wall panel

Lightweight and strongly reinforced, convenient to install.

Product introduction

The composite wall tile is lightweight and high strength, making it easy to install. Low density, light weight (75-800kg/m³), waterproof, insulating, soundproof, fireproof. Composite wall tiles are quick and easy to install. The tiles are suitable for different building environments. Compared to traditional tiles, composite wall tiles are cheaper and time-saving.

It is widely used in non-load-bearing interior and exterior walls, commercial building partitions, commercial buildings and other locations where special water, sound and moisture resistance is required.

Energy saving and environmentally friendly.

The polystyrene particles in our composite wall tiles have excellent thermal insulation properties, which helps save energy and electricity costs. All raw materials comply with national environmental requirements. There is no pollution or disposal in the production process.

Light weight and seismic resistance

Our composite wall tiles are 10 times lighter than traditional bricks, solving the problem of beams, columns and deep foundations. Seismic performance at the connection point can withstand an 8.5 magnitude earthquake. It is suitable for low-rise buildings, high-rise buildings and soft geological buildings.

Waterproof and moisture resistant

It has been proven that our composite tiled pools do not leave any water stains for a year after construction. Even in humid weather, there are no condensation droplets on the wall.

Short construction time and high efficiency

Dry construction work, sawing, cutting, drilling, hole digging. All materials are transported to the construction site before installation. The installation speed is 6-7 times faster than traditional brick construction.

Fire prevention

Composite wallboard has excellent fire safety. It was tested at the National Centre for Quality Control and Inspection of Building Materials. The result shows that it can be on fire against 4 hours. Flame retardancy reaches national A level.


The polystyrene particles in the raw material are sound-absorbing materials and have good sound insulation and sound-absorbing properties.

Increase the practical footprint and reduce the costs associated with the project

Our composite bricks are thinner than traditional bricks, which can increase the useful surface area by at least 8-10%. This saves significant building space and reduces costs. At the same time, the weight of these wall tiles is lighter than traditional blocks, which helps to reduce costs.

Art ceiling tile cement board – 9 different patterns specification

  • Thicknesses: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm
  • Size: 2440x610mm

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Kunst laeplaat tsementkiudplaat - 9 erinevat mustrit

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