Transformer power supply for LED strip lighting 200W 12V

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Transformer power supply for LED strip lighting 200W 12V

The 200W STANDARD PLUS LED power supply is a modern and safe power supply that will ensure correct and trouble-free operation of LED lighting for many years. The power supply is AC voltage 200-240V~50/60Hz. Reduces the output voltage to 12V DC. It is enclosed in an insulating white plastic case.

Standard Plus is used to power LED luminaires with a voltage of 12V DC and a total power not exceeding 200W.

Standard Plus power supplies are the ideal solution for under-cabinet luminaires or shorter LED strip sections.

In our online shop you can find different profile lengths and ready-made panel modules with slats and lighting profiles.

Do you already have our laminate? Now you have the opportunity to enrich it with vertical lighting elements!

Attention! The power supply is sold without cables.

Transformer power supply for LED strip lighting 200W 12V Technical data:

  • White colour,
  • Input voltage: 230V AC/output 12V DC,
  • IP20 (indoor use),
  • 205x71x35

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