Sliding door Pastel natural oak + 2 different panels

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When ordering, please tell us which panel, which finish, which size and which direction the door should slide. Thank you!

Sliding door Pastel natural oak + 2 different panels

Each door leaf is carefully crafted and enriched with fashionable details. Our range is characterised by a remarkable diversity, so that every customer can find a product to suit their needs. We offer flat doors in different models, opening systems and a wide range of colours. All of them combine high durability with the highest quality performance. To check the colour, we recommend that you buy a sample of veneer.

Sliding door Pastel natural oak + 2 different panels technical data

Three types of panels are available:
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  • Full
Finishing of pages:
  • Door leaf covered with decorative veneer
  • SOFTLINE technology is used to round the edges of the pages for higher aesthetic and functional values.
Panel design:
  • Frame structure made of high-quality MDF board
  • Glazing with satin glass
Standard equipment:
  • Door leaf (any pattern you choose)
  • Door leaf coloured decorative curtain rail (cover) with assembly kit
  • Aluminium ladder with trolley and mounting kit
  • Chrome handle
Sliders with ball bearings They ensure smooth movement and durability. The standard load capacity is 80 kg. In accordance with UNI EN 1527, the sliders are guaranteed for up to 100 000 cycles (opening and closing). In addition, Eclisse sliders have been awarded the maximum corrosion resistance rating according to UNI EN 1670. Two adjustable door handles Mounted directly on the aluminium frame. The adjustment screw remains accessible after installation, allowing direct adjustment of the door position. Our doors have technical approval ITB AT-15-7673/2015 and are designed to separate rooms for other purposes. The wall-mounted door leaf is made according to the principles of door joinery and is different from the furniture boards for built-in wardrobes. Our doors feature a complete assembly kit (no additional financial outlay required). If you would like more information or advice, please contact us and we will help you find the right solution. See other hidden doors in our online shop. Ask a recognised company for an installation quote. Price from 329€ for more information please enquire!

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