7.5mm 12 mm cement board with wood finish – 22 colours

Product Description

Cement board with wood finish – 22 colours

Product introduction

The raw material for this product is high-density calcium silicate boards. it is manufactured using the high-pressure method. The main components of the product are Portland cement, cellulose fibres and mineral fibres. They are 100% asbestos-free and contain no toxic substances.

Use of the product

Cement-bonded fibreboard – a range of timber products suitable for high rise villas, residential buildings, conversion of old buildings, tourist facilities and exterior and interior decoration of light steel villas.
Plastering methods, including draping, dry hanging and direct bonding. The board is highly fire-resistant, lightweight and up to 3.05 metres long. It is lighter than tiles and more durable than wood.


The fire resistance of this tile complies with the A1 level of GB 8624-2012. This slate is not combustible. Thus, in the event of a fire, there are no toxic chemicals, ensuring human safety.

Light weight

Density: ≥1,2 (g/cm³). The light weight of tiles can significantly reduce the load-bearing capacity of buildings and is also suitable for exterior decoration of old structures. Tiles can be installed quickly and easily.

Excellent weather resistance

These tiles are made from inorganic materials, which are long-life silicate products with excellent insect resistance, mould resistance and antibacterial properties.

Thermal insulation

The thermal conductivity of bricks is 0.6 W/mk, but the thermal conductivity of the cement-bonded fibreboard – wood pulp series is less than 0.30 W/mk. This means that the tiles can effectively improve the thermal performance of walls to ensure adequate temperatures in rooms, and are environmentally friendly.

Resistance to dirt

The tiles have a multi-layer inorganic coating on the surface, which makes the texture more natural. The waterproof coating of the tiles effectively prevents liquid penetration.

Pure colour series cement board – 24 colours specification

  • Length: 3050mm

  • Width: 192 mm / 200mm

  • Thickness: 7.5 mm / 9 mm / 12 mm

  • Density ≥ 1,20 (g/cm³)

  • Moisture movement: ≤ 0,25%

  • Flexural strength ≥ 12 ( Mpa )

  • Asbestos content: 0%

  • Radioactive:

  • Internal exposure: Ir <1.0

  • External exposure: IRa < 1,0

The product complies with the radioactivity requirements for basic building materials and level A decorative materials. They can therefore be used in all kinds of places.

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