Skirting boards 8cm high 1.6cm deep 1m long

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Product Description

Floor skirting 8cm high 1.6cm deep 2m long

Modern, minimalist skirting boards. A perfect match for our ribbed trellis. Take care of consistency of detail and design. The matt finish is eye-catching and easy to maintain.

1 piece = 1 metre of flooring moulding

The skirting boards in this offer are produced in 2m lengths, so if you order:

1 piece – you will receive 1 piece of 1 m flooring,

2 pieces – you get 1 piece of 2 m flooring,

3 pieces – you will receive 2 pieces of floor strips: 1 piece of 2 m length + 1 piece. 1m long

Skirting boards 8cm high 1.6cm deep 1m long Advantages

  • Easy installation (no drilling required)
  • Finished product – no processing required
  • Modern design
  • Easy to cut
  • Resistant to mop or cloth cleaning
  • Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, hotel interiors, conference rooms and elegant offices.

Skirting boards 8cm high 1.6cm deep 2m long more info

  • Total dimensions of 1 strip (width x depth x length): 80x16x2000 mm.
  • Prepared milling for assembly glue
  • Moulded strips – smooth edges, ready for installation without additional trimming
  • Solid-free plywood
  • Weight of one 2m long floor trunking: 1,89 kg

How to install?

  • Assembly glue

Please note: It is not recommended to install the trims in rooms with high humidity.

If you would like more information or advice, please contact us and we will help you find the right solution.

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