Framita door leaf Life 3+3 different panels and finishes

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Choice of door types

Choice of door finishes

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When ordering, please specify the door type, door finish, door size and whether it is right or left handed. Thank you!

Framita door leaf Life 3+3 different panels and finishes

We pride ourselves on offering versatile interior doors, including framed doors, door leaves and doors in a variety of opening systems and a wealth of colours. Each door leaf is carefully crafted, enriched with modern details, and ensures high durability and top quality workmanship. Our wide range allows every customer to find the right product for their needs.

Frameless doors are fitted with concealed hinges for a smooth and elegant look. Their smooth edge and perfect fit with the jamb make the door leaf visually light and visually increase the free floor space. Frameless doors are particularly popular in modern, minimalist and industrial interiors.

Framed doors feature a classic design where the recess creates a partial overlap with the closed door frame. This model is ideal for retro and traditional interiors. Our price is for the door leaf without the handle, ensuring flexibility and customisation to suit the customer’s preferences.

Door leaves are available in three types of glass: interior, toilet and full glass. They are coated with a decorative waterproof veneer, concealing the door in the frame and creating an even surface. The panel construction is made of high quality MDF, glazed with satin glass.

The standard equipment includes a magnetic flap, 3 concealed hinges, a ventilation opening on the toilet panels and a toilet flap, ensuring all-round comfort and functionality.

The frame features 3 concealed hinges, a choice of adjustment and the possibility to cut the door and the hinge down to 30 mm. Several adjustment ranges are available, allowing the door frame to be perfectly adapted to different swing sizes.

The price is for the door leaf without the handle.

Framita door leaf Life 3+3 different panels and finishes technical data

Choice of three types of doors:

  • Indoor space
  • Toilet space
  • Full

Door leaf finish:

  • Sheet covered with decorative waterproof veneer
  • The door leaf “hides” the door in the door swing, creating a common plane.

Panel design:

  • Frame construction of high quality MDF board
  • Glazing with satin glass

Standard equipment:

  • Magnetic lock
  • 3 hidden souls
  • Toilet panels , ventilation opening and toilet lock

Framita door leaf Life 3+3 different panels and finishes specification

Frame finish:

  • 3 hidden souls
  • Choice of frame adjustment
  • Hinge size adapted to the door hinge size
  • Possibility to cut the door and the door swing down to 30 mm

Available adjustment ranges:

  • 95-115 mm
  • 115-145 mm
  • 145-175 mm
  • 175-205 mm
  • 205-235 mm
  • 235-265 mm
  • 265-295 mm
  • 295-325 mm
  • 325-355 mm
  • 335-385 mm
  • 385-415 mm
  • 415-445 mm
  • 445-475 mm
  • 475-505 mm

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