5m LED strip 4000 K 1m/1220lm

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5m LED strip 4000 K 1m/1220lm

4000K Neutral White LED Strip:Universal Lighting Solution

Discover a high quality 4000K LED strip light that is the ideal choice for lighting living spaces, offices, gardens and car parks. Its shade is somewhere between warm and cool light, blending perfectly with the colours of different rooms, walls, furniture and accessories.

Universal Lighting Solution:

  • Ideal for residential and office use
  • Ideal for lighting gardens and car parks
  • Price of 1 running metre of tape
  • Lint is sold by the metre in rolls of 5 metres.

5m LED strip 4000 K 1m/1220lm COB LED Strip Specification:

  • Perfect for skirting
  • Thickness: 1,6 cm
  • Installation: on 3M tape
  • Energy consumption: 12,8 W per 1 linear metre of tape
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Power: 12,8W/m
  • LED type:COB 480pcs/m (Chip On Board)
  • Ribbon length: 5 m
  • Cutting distance: 25 mm
  • Light colour: neutral white / 4000-4500K
  • IP class: IP20 (indoor use)
  • Energy class: F
  • Luminous flux: 1220 lm/m
  • CRI – Colour Rendering Index: >80
  • Nominal luminaire lifetime: 30 000 hours
  • Number of on/off cycles: 15000
  • Confusable: yes
  • Fixing: 3M tape

Innovative Technology:

  • COB LED strips provide uniform light without visible individual diodes
  • Longer lifetime and lower energy consumption compared to traditional LED strips

Installation recommendations:

  • We recommend the use of an aluminium profile strip for better cooling.
  • Aluminium profile prolongs LED lifetime

Advantages of LED Strip:

  • No uniform light line and no voltage drop
  • High quality LEDs emit more light
  • Light does not fade over time and colour remains stable
  • No colliding points on the surface
  • Neutral light (4000K) creates a natural daylight effect

LED strip construction:

  1. LED diodes,
  2. Protective and insulating layer,
  3. Copper tracks (+/-),
  4. Protective and insulating layer,
  5. Copper tracks (+/-),
  6. Protective and insulating layer,
  7. Cloverprint

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