Lamell trellis – 7 slats – Connectable module – 45.5 cm

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Lamell trellis – 7 slats – Connectable module – 45.5 cm

Introducing a new dimension in interior design! Dreaming of a modern and elegant way to transform your interior? You don’t need a big financial outlay to create a really interesting effect. Our high-quality slats and panels offer just that.

Our Premium Slats are a great way to accentuate the exclusivity and modernity of any interior. Their vertical structure visually expands the space and also offers sound insulation and damping possibilities, thus improving the acoustics of the room.

The high quality laminate panel gives a new look and warmth to the interior and contrasts beautifully with other finishes. The installation is simple and durable and offers outstanding results!

We believe that high quality, premium and modern interior design should be accessible to all. Our slats and panels offer just that, being easy to install on a wall or ceiling and with no visible fixing details.

Our range of high quality, modern and innovative slats and panels will bring a new sparkle to your interior and allow you to create an exclusive and contemporary space.


Lamellar Strips – 7 Connections – Connectable Module – 45.5 cm Specification

Plate dimensions:

  • Length
    : 275 cm

  • Width
    : 45,5 cm

  • Depth
    : 1,8 cm

The dimensions of the trunking:

  • Length
    : 275 cm +
    5 cm FREE*

  • Width
    : 2,9 cm

  • Depth
    : 4 cm

  • Distance between strips
    : 3,6 cm

Price includes 1 panel (45.5cm wide) with 7 slats attached.

* Due to the possibility of damaging the edges of the strips during transport, the strips are not preformed. We therefore add 5 cm free of charge to each strip.

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