Arvena – Door with interior frame

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Arvena – Door with interior frame

The Arvena Internal Frame door is a true premium quality internal door range, designed to strike the perfect balance between style, durability and functionality. This door leaf frame is created from carefully selected materials and precision machined to ensure outstanding quality and durability.

MDF board – Strength and Elegance

The Arvena Internal Frame Door Leaf Frame is made of high quality MDF, known for its durability and elegant appearance. MDF is the ideal material for door leafs as it can withstand daily use while maintaining its visual quality. As a result, Arvena Lehtraam always looks like real wood, but offers the strength and durability of MDF.

Aluminium profile – Reinforced Construction

Doors need to be able to withstand everyday stresses, including pushing, pulling and high humidity levels. The Arvena Internal Frame Door Leafframe is equipped with a strong aluminium profile that strengthens the door frame structure and increases its durability. The aluminium profile ensures that the door stays firmly in place and keeps its shape for years.

ISOREL Sound-absorbing Tile – Silence and Privacy

One of the most important aspects of a premium quality door is soundproofing. The Arvena Internal Frame Door Leaf Frame is filled with a special ISOREL sound absorbing tile, which helps to reduce the passage of sound between rooms. This ensures that your privacy is protected and your home is peaceful and quiet.

Honed MDF Board and PVC Foil – Contemporary Appearance and Easy Maintenance

The appearance of a door frame is as important as its durability. The door of Arvena Lehtram has a milled MDF panel, which gives it a modern and stylish look. In addition, the door leaf is coated with PVC foil, which makes door maintenance simple and easy. Easy cleaning keeps your door clean and attractive at all times.

Arvena – Framed door Price includes:

  • The price applies to the handle-less door leaflet
  • 46 mm thick door leaf, covered with PVC film, MDF frame and gasket at the hinge note
  • Door frame in door leaf shade with gasket
  • 55 mm aluminium threshold package with gasket
  • 3 16 mm diameter (3D) twist-locking taphinges with gaskets
  • Three-piece top lock
  • Three-piece bottom lock
  • Anti-burglary fasteners
  • Wide viewing angle with a diameter of 16 mm

Permissible extent of ring shortening:

  • Up to 60 mm

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