Hidden framed door – Silvia + Sara

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Product Description

Hidden framed door – Silvia + Sara

Discover Elegant Interior Design Solutions – Hidden Framed Doors and Finishing Options

Introducing SARA, an innovative aluminium frame with adjustable wooden frame designed specifically for door frames. This unique solution allows the Silvia door frame and leaf strips to be installed flush to the wall, achieving a perfect plane and creating an impressive finish.

The technical characteristics of our product are impressive: the thickness of the wooden door frame reaches 50 mm, allowing door frames up to 1020 mm wide and 3000 mm high. The minimum wall thickness should be 125 millimetres, but the frame strip can be adjusted by extending it up to 15 millimetres to suit different wall thicknesses.

These concealed framed doors and finish options not only enhance the interior design of a room, but also offer practical functionality and durability. Whether it’s for the home, office or commercial building, these products allow you to create impressive interior design solutions that meet both aesthetic and functional needs.

Discover our wide range of interior design products and finishes that bring exceptional elegance and quality to your interior. We’re committed to providing cutting-edge interior design solutions that emphasise the beauty and practicality of a space, highlighting unique design elements and offering outstanding finishes.

Technical specifications

  • Thickness of wooden door frame: 50 mm
  • Minimum wall thickness: 125 mm.
  • Maximum door frame width: 1020 mm
  • Maximum door frame height: 3000 mm

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