Control panel for LED lighting for 4 different zones

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Control panel for LED lighting for 4 different zones

Remote control for LED lighting control

The controller with remote control (the remote control is necessary for the controller to work – you can find it in our online shop) allows you to control 1 to 4 independent LED lighting zones (each zone has one receiver). Multiple lighting circuits can be connected to a single zone of the remote. The control unit needs to be connected to the LED power supply.

Control panel for LED lighting for 4 different zones Specification:

White colour,
Degree of protection: IP20 (indoor use),
Number of zones supported: maximum 4 zones,
Remote control range: Remote control range: 30 metres,
Material: plastic,
Dimensions: 110 x 53 x 20 mm
Use: Control of LED lighting effects and strip lighting,
Brightness adjustment range: adjusting the lighting effects of LED lights and strips.

Assigning lighting to a zone on the remote control:

Switch off the power supply to the receiver in the first programmable zone,
Restart the switched-off receiver with the selected zone illuminated and press the “I” (on) button on the remote control of the selected zone for 3 seconds,
If the zone connection is successful, the light flashes 3 times.

Disconnection of lighting in a designated zone:

We disconnect the receiver power supply from the zone we want to disconnect,
Restart the disconnected receiver and press the “I” (on) button on the remote control 5 times quickly within 3 seconds in the selected zone,
If the zone disconnection is successful, the light flashes 6 times,
When using multiple receivers, it is possible to group several zones with lighting (one or more receivers can be connected to one of the four zones on the remote control).

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