Alva – Internal frame door

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Alva – Internal frame door

Our range of interior doors has been designed with discerning customers in mind who value quality, fashion and durability. All of our interior doors are carefully crafted, following the latest fashion trends and equipped with a range of functional features.

Our range of internal doors offers a wide spectrum of models, opening systems and colours, ensuring that every customer has the right product for their needs. All doors are designed with durability and high quality workmanship in mind, ensuring long-term use and satisfaction.

Our patio doors are priced with a number of key features that make them not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functionally efficient. The price includes the price of the internal door without handle, 46 mm thick PVC-coated door leaf, MDF board frame and door seal. The set also includes door openings in the same colour with door leaf and door seal, 55 mm aluminium threshold kit with door seal and 3 16 mm 3D rotating hinges with screws.

To ensure security, our internal doors are equipped with a top three-bolt lock, a bottom three-bolt lock and anti-theft bolts. This will ensure that your home remains safe and secure. In addition, our internal doors are adaptable, allowing the door leaf to be shortened by up to 60 mm, ensuring they can be adapted to any interior design.

We are committed to providing versatile, high-quality interior design products that meet your expectations for style, functionality and durability. Take a look at our wide range and find the perfect interior doors to complement your home interior.

Alva – Technical description of the frame door

Each interior door is carefully crafted and enriched with the fashionable details of the moment. We have a wide range of interior doors, so every customer will find the right product for them. We offer interior doors in different models, opening systems and a wide range of colours. All doors are durable and have a high manufacturing quality.

Price includes:

  • Internal door price without handle
  • 46 mm thick PVC coated door leaf, with MDF frame and door gasket
  • Door openings with door leaf and door seal of the same colour
  • 55 mm aluminium threshold package with door gasket
  • 3 16 mm diameter 3D rotating hinge with screw
  • Top three-bolt lock
  • Bottom three-bolt lock
  • Anti-theft bolts

Shortening the permitted door leaf:

  • Up to 60 mm

If you would like more information or advice, please contact us and we will help you find the right solution.

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